About lymestuff:

Hi, my name is Kayli, and I’m a Lymie. I’ve been symptomatic with Lyme and a host of other co-infections for ten years. Over time, I’ve learned a lot of practical things about Lyme Disease, treatment options, research, and finances. The practical stuff is important and helpful, but the heart stuff… Wow, learning to be okay in your heart is big too. The things I’ve learned about communication, rest, and perseverance have been life-changing, and helpful in every area of my life. I know there is still a lot of learning ahead, and I welcome it! I want to learn how to live life well in whatever circumstances I am in.

unnamed.jpgAs time goes on, I’ve been connected with more and more people who have either just been diagnosed with Lyme Disease or believe that they have it and just aren’t sure what to do next. I love talking with these new friends. While I deeply want for no one to suffer through this disease, I’m grateful if I can help them as they begin their journey to health.

I have so many new friends seeking answers that I decided a blog would be a great place to collect all of my thoughts. I’m hoping that this will be a helpful start for Lymie people, as well as a helpful tool for friends and family to know what a Lymie person is up against.

Please view this blog as a “Lyme for Dummies” kind of page. I don’t intend on getting in-depth with the science. More so, I just want to provide some practical tips that have been helpful to me. No doubt, your doctor and your experiences will be different. If anything is helpful to you, fabulous. If not, I hope you find the answers you’re looking for soon!

I absolutely invite you to comment with questions. I’ll either respond directly to you or use it as a launching pad for a future post. By the way, here is a bit more about me if you’d like to know more.

Praying blessings, healing, and hope for you…


  1. Sandra Demoskoff (Neumann) · July 17, 2015

    Enjoy reading your blog Kayli- thanks for sharing. As I suffer myself for three years from a back injury that doesn’t get better I feel comforted in your posts. Love thinking back to the time as an intern at the coastlands and sharing some time with you. (Sandra)


    • K Albert · July 17, 2015

      Oh Sandra, it breaks my heart to know that you’ve been suffering physically. I’m so glad if you are encouraged from my blog. Thank you for your kind words. I have so many dear memories of our time together. Your compassion was a great comfort to me. I hope to see you again soon, my dear friend.


  2. Linda Benner · August 3, 2015

    Kayli, we have still been praying for you. I mentioned the disease to my nephew the other day ( he lives in California) and he said it was the only disease that was man made. I didn’t try to check out his theories, but he thought it was to be used in warfare, carried by ticks ………..and he wasn’t kidding. Have you ever heard that? Not that you probably care.


    • K Albert · August 6, 2015

      Hello dear Linda, thank you so much for your prayers! I’ve not heard of any theories regarding ticks like that. I don’t believe that theory to be true. My understanding is that this disease has run rampant in all parts of North America, Europe, and Asia… And because ticks easily travel via birds, I can’t imagine that any country would use this bacteria as part of warfare — there would be no way to protect your own citizens from the disease. It seems counter-productive 🙂

      Still, I can understand why such theories exist. It’s shocking how little the political, medical, and scientific world are paying attention to Lyme. It has now become the fastest growing disease in America, and yet there is little current research being done. It’s definitely confusing and unreasonable.


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